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Wow I work 5 days in a row next week.

that ALMOST makes up for the fact that my ride to Richmond is leaving on the 17th. can't remember my tumblr password either. I was going to explain dollhouse ideas to someone today. dang. Universe, stop making being nice hard. =\


Me and my love for horror stories

All those text and ebook readers i put on the new cell phone should come in handy.

i'll add it later, creepy creepy horror,Collapse ) which reminds me i have to read the collected works of HP Lovecraft. I totally missed the dream series.
in theory one of these should help.
The User Guide
what i really needed, How Do I Make Playlists?
How-To Guides
How to Create a Playlist in the Android Music Application

Google App store won't let you download things sometimesCollapse )

Ok Poor Robin,and When September Ends didn't transfer to the phone, i have to see if those files work or find new ones... Ok they work the phone just doesn't know what to do with them. =\ Well I won't know if they'll play until later. And i think some of the music on my phone isn't saved in what format i thought they were.
and maybe after i'm done transferring everything to the phone i can try adding one of these Top 10 best emulators for Android it would finally be my chance to finish Sonic. Googled "android game emulator apps"


me and my cell phone

How to Turn Your Droid X On and Off the fact that i needed this makes me worried.

Now,I'm going to go transfer the contents of the old microSD card to the new one, and try to recover a picture i accidentally deleted. Wish me luck!

.......Oh god there's like way more sdcard how tos than i thought
How to Upgrade an Android Phone’s Memory or MicroSD Card

Micro SD or Micro SDHC Card?

Alien rzi should watch them

Ok i need this to recover my pic file-> Recuva so says Android forums or this

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