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The pissedoff-timist

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AOL's Online radio for drawing to! also, free online photo editor

Tell me who you love, and I'll tell you who you are. --Creole Proverb
"Don't believe in you, who believes in me,
Don't believe in me, who believes in you,
Believe in you, who believes in yourself." -Kamina
"The only thing that can truly hold us back is our own inhibitions..."
~"Why protect them? Why miss them? Why love them?"
~"I'd rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate."
~"if you love what you're doing, you'll never work a day in your life."
"Every new beginning comes out from some other new beginning's end"
It is easier to stab someone in the back than it is to look them in the eyes. Society is built upon this principle, and it is universal amongst those who rule.
-"i like cheese." - Me in response to a friend's particularly odd dream description
-"Kage Combo Henge Mane Wonder Twin Banana-Fana Bunshin no Jitsu!" - Naruto in VG Cats ~ #153
-"Fanboy Warning
This film contains scenes that may be totally fucking awesome. Your favorite characters may be rendered in extreme detail as they take part in mind-blowing battles set in familiar locales. Futuristic scabbard/motorcycles might be depicted in a way that makes them appear sweet." -Penny Arcade on Advent Children
-"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."
~ Margaret Mead
-"It is astounding that a 1000 generations of knowledge and experience can be wiped out by a single generation of ignorance."
~~ S. M. Richards

I draw. Mostly for my benefit [I'm my own target audience =^_^=] I draw manga, anime style,anthropomorphic [ furry art ], Sci-fi and fantasy, [i lean more towards fantasy than science fiction] and very rarely landscapes and images of real people. Still not good with buildings and machines. =P
I love reading! Favorite authors: Charlaine Harris, Wen Spencer, Laurel K. Hamilton before her main character went nuts and half her stories became soft core porn. I like reading zines. You can find out so much non mainstream information that way. I love sequential art, yes comics in all their many and various forms! From Japanese manga, itallian fumetti to good fashioned comics from stateside! They all hold a special place in my heart!
I also love anime and anime cons. they're one third the reason I want a van. That many people in one place leads to interesting things! at the very least costumes!
I own too many raw Japanese manga, but still read Japanese like a 1st grader probably. I'm working on it! They're various levels of difficulty to help learn Kanji. =^_^=;;
i draw BL, a.k.a. "yaoi" [pronounced 'yah-oi' not 'yowie'], and enjoy every bloody minute of it! Mostly because it's a challenge and the fans are hilarious!XD Unless they're uptight! you know how you are!!! =P
I like driving at night, no one's in a hurry and most people aren't speeding like crazy.
I'd like to one day have a PC i could animate something on.
Lastly, when it comes to Yaoi vs Yuri vs Het, I like them All. as long as it's a pairing I could believe, or the person doing the doujinshi/fan fic/fan art did a convincing job.

if you ever see any Wolfwood X Milly doujinshi and I'm looking for more so drop me a line if you see any! =^_^=;;
I won this as first place in Yaoi's Homosketchuality#4 contest! they like me they really like me Finally! Someplace to post my yaoi art!... wonder how many of them are furries?

send hate mail to: catgirlxlrg at yahoo.com

Legitimate Business:
My esty shop soon to have crafty things in it.
my cousin Shireen's etsy shop. she makes lovely clothes.
Questionable business:
A4 Free

Websites That have Made Me Their Personal Biyatch:
Ebay the worldwide garage sale, Akadot all my favorite manga art supplies in one place, ASWexpress, Japan Queen doujinshi, and manga what more could I ask for?, All Things Kawaii has links to shops that sell Japanese letter sets YAY! =^_^=
Y Gallery because DA wasn't being deviant enough and the little engine that could, FA 'cause aminal people are cool! spelling intended!
Tama Talk or the slightly better site Tama-Zone
japanesestreet.com Ezine of Japanese street fashion.<-- Get your mind blow here if you're of the sewing type, and this is another favorite Japanese site, Takuya Angel .mac note, most Americans won't fit in this label. so fake it! =P
Unamerican.com, still fighting the good fight after all these years.
T Shirt Hellyou're going to be offended. A lot. but don't write them an irate letter complaining. I don't want to have to laugh at you in the monthly newsletter where they rag on the letters they get. and Post Secret sometimes i want to cry laugh and be shocked all in the same post.
outpost 9 this blog Gaijin Chronicles.
Tales Of Pirates fun MMORPG Flyff another cool MMORPG
Esnips cool as ice. =O_O=
TV Links and Movie Forumz movies and shows for free.
My Romance Story romance in the form of comics?! holy frijoles Batman! But there's also Smack Jeeves which is like Y gallery, but for webcomics.
Cracked.com is one of the funniest sites i visit

Web comics I like
GF Bowl, Menage A 3, Return_to_Donnelly, Talismen, Hello Cthulu, PPG Doujinsh, Yir Mumah, Penumbra, SNAFU comic's forum site. since i can't seem to find a main page. These folks rock! Seriously Bleedman's massive crossover doujinshi is worth all the button clicking. Least I could Do led me to TED ideas worth spreading! Web cartoonist Choice Awards Oh a new addition PHD Comics, One Manga has a good selection of stuff Girl Genius, Earthsong Saga, Fungus Grotto, Last Blood, TJ and Amal her DA account and her tumblr, Hanna is not a boy's Name and her DA, Rights of Spring, the Goldrider of Pern best doujinshi I've seen in a while, sfeer theory, Storm in Heaven, Lackadaisy Cats, Paradigm Shift, Oglaf hilarious but NSFW, Selkie this is hands down The most heartwarming thing i've ever read online webcomic wise, Mazscara this has a compelling story violent , Beyond Temtation, Paradox violence, strong language, sex most likely I think it's a action adventure love story, 0_o; The Zombie Hunters better violence, Lovecraft is Missing, the brick testament, Left 4 Dead:The Sacrifice Comic, Starfighter BL webcomic, OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS, Goodbye Chains, Phantasies a.k.a. Incubus Tales CyberSteel, oh my god this is funny, Humon

Friends Of mine with Webcomics:
Barb & Chris'Fragile Gravity, Webkilla's PsiTech,Danny and co.'s 2WC Online Garth's Comedity, Angel of St. Thomas, Looking for group

I don't cosplay, but i enjoy making costumes for others!
Fans View Cosplay pictures galore! and Death Com.net has multi media from a lot of different cons.

homestar runner
Potter Puppet Pals
How it should have ended
Dr. Tran
Weebls Stuff
Friends of Foamy
AllS*P.com and SPzone
Watch Avatar Avatar online
Family guy X FGN

Arts and Crafts
Japanese craft books
Craftlog.org i like Japanese craft books, this person made a resource site of how and where to get them, links currency converter everything. When i get access to my Japanese books I'll scan some pics in for her. Wee wonderfuls reccomends ordering from Yes Asia the craft books are cheaper from them and all i need is the ISBN#!!!
The Anti Craft to say i love this site would be a vast understatement.
Knitting Pattern Central Free patterns get'em while they're hot!
Knitta likes to do yarn graffiti
Warm up America project
The Diet Diary knitting page, with haiku knitting reviews
Crochet Cabana it's the crochet version of knittinghelp.com
Hass Design has videos of stitches being worked like knittinghelp.com
NexStitch more free instructional vids, and they have their own blog
Some awesome instructions from the UK site, Learn2Knit. good luck on your crusade to make Brits more crafty!

Smocking Store has a pattern for Hakam and other cool international and victorian type patterns! Lot's of aisian patterns! VERY cool! The LYS, Mosaic
Potter puppet pals
Babylondon Star my plush-tastic link!
Lita Mitchell's custom Ufo catchers gets a link because she made both a Spike & an Oz plushie from Buffy. and here i was think i was the only person who thought a Spike Plushie would be cool! =^_^=
cloth doll connection my favorite doll sites are the 3 Japanese sites, Runo, Doku, and Chiharu Kikuchi's. i also like the sites in the tips sections! dollmaker's journey has a list of places that accept dolls for charity! sweet
BentoTV.com watch, and learn.

Need practice? Deceptionary Tarot Tutor,and Deceptionary playing Card Tutor
one of my favorite fan sites Kumo no su, at least when it still updated
For better or for worse
the 24 hour comic challenge
Rotten Tomatoes
Vampire doujinshi and larvaire have great galleries
Pchat, draw chat, eat bacon, that last part is optional. =o_0=
Teagames, they have a zombie fighting games, and anyone who knows me well knows i'm a zombie fan.
the one the only Charlaine Harris

GMT wanna know what time it really is? Or what day it is
Gaia online like Ragnarok... except without any motivation or point. =^_^=;
Viz releases several of the manga i like. #1 being Basara.
Aeclectic Tarot
Every Hello Kitty Character there is direct from Sanrio's homepage.
The last angry young MAn
Shoujo manga.com
cartoonbank.com some of the cooler cartoons from some magazine
The One Piece Manga group
Narutofan and their other site Bleach world
Ear tweak beacause I still love Inuyasha
Sea Meets Sky a Naono Bohra manga site
Stomp Tokyo

and japanese at about.com for people trying to teach themselves a new language

3 places that I know take manga submissions [2 of them yaoi oriented =^_-=] Yaoi Press actualy takes writers too! and teams them up with artists! Radio Comix Does furry, and manga and has the really cool Genus male, Dangerous, and Boys under Glass by the lovely folks of Umbrella Studios Tokyo Pops semi annual Risisng Stars of Manga Contest they hold it twice a year. and ones going on now. Iris takes BL stories.
http://www.gumgum.org/gg_lay.php?x=updates One piece and http://www.narutofan.com/, oh yeah, ninja pirates. g-mail = p1ssmeoff, h-mail = blue, pXp = pissmeoff, gmail = p1ssmeoff, yahoo = blue

Counting my critters before they hatch!
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The WeatherPixie I like her better The WeatherPixie

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